I am 34 years old and mother of 3 children (all breastfed). I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago and have lost 100lbs. I have wanted to have breast augmentation my entire adult life. I have slightly tuberous breasts so I have never been comfortable with the shape of them. My ps seems confident he can correct this. I looked into having the procedure done years ago but just couldn’t swing it financially. Good thing it worked out that way since I have had 2 more children since then and much more breast sagging. I am finally ready!!! I am as excited as I am nervous. I am counting the days. I am mostly concerned about the time frame for returning to work and the pain involved. I have a desk job for the most part, but lots of things I have read lead me to believe a week may not be long enough. I think my pain tolerance is pretty high. I am hoping so anyway 🙂 Any preop or postop advice would be much appreciated. I am getting silicone implants under the muscle with a lollipop lift. Not sure what size yet. Preop is December 5 and will decide then. I am 150lbs 5’4″.