I first went to Dr. Cox for breast reduction and lift. I couldn’t have had better results. I then returned to Dr. Cox for a consultation on a tummy tuck. A friend of mine convinced me to see her doctor for a consult. Her doctor’s price was much higher and he told me all these things he could do. I was a little unsure so I went back to see Dr. Cox again. Dr. Cox won’t over promise results. He told me exactly what the outcome would be and what to expect. In fact he could have sold me on additional procedures that wouldn’t have provided any substantial results for the cost. Dr. Cox will be totally honest with what he can do and is more than fair when it comes to the cost of surgery. I did a tummy tuck and all around lower body lift. I love the results. In February 2018 I had a brow lift and lower face lift. Again Dr. Cox did a fantastic job. I love the results. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Dr. Cox was right on with the results and what he could do. It truly took years off of my face.