Hi everybody- my name is Leigh- I’m 29 and have had saline implants for 10 years (yes, I really did do that at 19). I was a 32B before surgery and went up about 2 cup sizes, or 420 cc’s under the muscle. I have stayed within 15 pounds up my pre-op weight which was 108 lbs. and am 5’4″. I did have a child when I was 22, but did not breastfeed- my boobs did however go up another cup size to DD’s when I was pregnant even though I only gained 20 lbs. during pregnancy. Hmm, that’s the stats:)

Anyhow, I have wanted to remove my implants for about 6 years- just because I don’t want to be “fake” anymore. I am so uncomfortable having such large breasts for being so small, and wish I would’ve had more self-esteem and someone to tell me not to do this when I was so young. My boobs look fine, maybe some slight rippling, which is unavoidable, but are very natural looking- this is literally a decision to be myself again and not to commit my life to unnecessary surgery anymore.

I will be having my implants removed with local anesthesia/twilight sedation approx. in the next 6 months. My doctor believes that I have a chance to heal well without a lift, but did explain that I won’t really know until around 6 months after having them removed. This is my story- I hope that it helps anyone feel supported and like they are not alone in this.