So I went for a consult yesterday with Dr. Gary W. Cox at Associates of Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He was very nice and seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He told me I would be good with 300 cc of saline behind the muscle. I am currently a small A and want to be a comfortable C. The doctor told me the procedure takes 30 mins and he does the surgery in his office in a operating type of room that he has set up there. I know someone that went to Doctor Cox and she referred me to him and spoke very highly of him. I scheduled my appointment for Friday August 22 2014. I go for my pre op visit on Monday August 18, 214. My 21 birthday is Tuesday August 19 so looks like I’m getting a good present!! I am ready to look more feminine and feel more comfortable in my swimwear. And I’m ready to be more confident in myself. I am doing this procedure for my confidence 100%. My boyfriend of over 3 years loves me how I am but supports me in my decision if I choose this. I get second thoughts at times but its because I’m afraid of them not being perfect and its so much money. I need some uplifting advice so feel free to send it my way! I like how everyone tells their story day by day and that’s what I plan to do!!